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What if you could exercise your mind like you do your body?

Well now you can...join me at Craft Night on the last Monday of every month at Orleton Village Hall for the price of an exercise class and exercise your creative mind!

Don't pack your trainers and exercise mat; instead pack your crafting essentials.

Book your place and receive your kit list so you can start gathering together the ingredients for 60 minutes of crafting relaxation.

Think packing your ingredients for baking day - grab a basket and start popping the things aside that you need.

Daisy's 60 Minute Craft Club has been running online for 20 months and now you can join in face to face. We all like to learn and take part in different ways. So if coming together with fellow crafters to make and create is more your thing.


Join me at Craft Night each month for an exclusive 60 minute make.

Craft Night Monday 20th May 7-8pm - everyone welcome.

We will be making Origami Flowers....

May's Craft Night at Orleton Village Hall

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