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Frequently Asked Questions

Craft Kits

Do I need additional equipment to complete a craft kit?

Only basic equipment like scissors; all materials and equipment are included in the craft kit.

Is there an online tutorial to accompany the kit?

Macrame Craft Kits come with online tutoirials and you will be sent details about how to access them by logging into this website. Some other craft kits have accompanying tutorials too, please see the descriptions. Tutorials are hosted via YouTube and you will need to request an invite by emailing

When are craft kits dispatched?

Craft Kits are posted to UK addresses only and within 3 working days.

What age group are the kits designed for?

The Craft Kits are designed for adults and will include on occasions equipment that can only be purchased by over 18s.

Online Workshops
Mandala Stone Painting.jpg

Do I need additional equipment to take part?

You will need access to a device to join the Google Meeting; a tablet, laptop or phone. Other basic equipment like a mat to cover your table, and scissors are often required. All specialist materials and equipment are included.

When will I receive my equipment?

Equipment is mailed out to arrive a couple of days before your scheduled workshop. It is helpful if you notify us when your equipment has been received. It is dispatched by Royal Mail and in recent times delivery times do vary depending on area.

Face to Face Workshops

Do I need to bring anything to a workshop?

No. All equipment will be provided along with a hot drink. Some people  like to bring a notebook to keep notes of project steps.

Craft Club Membership

Where do I access the online workshops?

The monthly online workshop will take place live via YouTube. You will receive an invite to watch at the time it is broadcast or so you can catch-up at a time that suits you.

Do I need specialist equipment to be a member?

No, the membership is designed to make the most of material you will have around your home. At the beginning of each month you will be provided with an equipment list so you can prepare in advance for the months workshop.

When will I know what craft will be the focus each month?

Each craft project is revealed within the first week of each month; it adds to the excitement of the membership to have a surprise each month. The workshop will take place in the last week of each month.

Am I able to cancel my membership if my circumstances change?

You can cancel your membership at the end of any full month.


How long are Gift Vouchers valid?

A gift voucher will expire 12 months after the date of purchase. If you are struggling to use your voucher please get in touch.

What can gift vouchers be used against?

Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against any purchase on

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