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Crochet is a brilliant yarn craft where all you need is a hook and some yarn to create lovely handcrafted items.

A Crochet workshop with Daisy's 60 Minute Crafts will teach you left or right handed to create with a hook and yarn.

(Please note you need to be able to chain, and double crochet for all projects excluding the Beginner Course)


You can choose the item you wish to crochet for your workshop.

  • Beginners Crochet Course - £45 per person - Three 60 minute classes
  • Granny Squares - £15 per person - 60 minutes
  • Rainbow  - £18 per person 90 minutes
  • Daisy Chain - £18 per person 90 minutes
  • Pumpkin - £18 per person 120 minutes
  • Basket - £24 per person 120 minutes
  • Shoulder Bag - £24 per person 120 minutes


Please email me to secure a date and time before paying online for your workshop for the number of people you wish to attend.  


You can book the workshop for 2-4 people to take place in My LIttle Studio in Orleton (SY8 4PG) or Online via Google Meet.

Crochet Workshops

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