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Thank you for visiting my page to learn more about Daisy's Craft Members Club.

When learning a new craft there is so much to figure out, it can be difficult to know where to start.

It is super easy to make mistakes, and far to easy to give up!

Don't give up; I truly believe THERE IS A CRAFTER IN EVERYONE.

I have developed a method in Member's Club that guarantees to guide you to success with each and every craft we explore.

And honestly; you can do this with just 60 minutes here and there or you can dedicate a whole weekend to crafting.


We are a friendly bunch of crafters keen to learn new crafts and finish amazing projects. Some of us are absolute beginners and others have been crafting for years. There really is something for everyone.

Receive...EXPERT GUIDANCE to try new crafts

Gain...SELF CONFIDENCE to master new skills

Join... A SUPPORTIVE crafting community

Be...INSPIRED to make the most of your Craft Stash


New Craft introduced every month (With a craft gift for VIP Members)

Online Live Workshop every month

5% off Daisy's 60 Minute Craft Workshops and Craft Kits (10% for VIP Members)

Printable Monthly Equipment Guides to accompany each craft (Printed for VIP Members)

Access to private members page/community

An abundance of technique videos

Unbiased guidance on where to purchase equipment

Daisy's Craft Membership Welcome Pack (pdf) (Printed and delivered in a folder for VIP Members)

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