Receive...EXPERT GUIDANCE to try new crafts

Gain...SELF CONFIDENCE to master new skills

Join... A SUPPORTIVE crafting community

Be...INSPIRED to start a new hobby


Do you have an abundance of Craft Kits and equipment that you purchase with the best intentions?

Do you get home and read the instructions and feel at a loss as to where to start?


Do you type the craft into Google or YouTube and are greeted with an avalanche of information that seems all too confusing?


Do you frequently not know where to begin so the equipment or kit get put in the cupboard for a rainy day!


Do you enjoy trying new and exciting crafts?


Do you attend face to face workshops which you thoroughly enjoy?

 Do you return home keen to get started with the craft and make a quick Google search for supplies but feel lost under a sea of options?

Do you want the best price and the best quality but don't want to make a wrong purchase and can't decide what you need so you give up!



The internet is a wash with advice which can be confusing and misleading.  The Members Club will give you a clear concise overview of what equipment is needed to get started and where you can find it.


When trying a new craft there are techniques and skills you will need to master for success. The Members Club will guide you through step by step so you have the confidence to try each new craft.


Each month you will have access to an online workshop to put your new equipment and skills into practice to make a beautiful project that you can be proud of.


The Members Club gives you access to expertise and fellow crafters making it an ideal space to share and ask questions.


New Craft introduced every month for 12 months

12 Online Live Workshops

5% off Daisy's 60 Minute Craft Workshops and Craft Kits

12 Printable Monthly Equipment Guides to accompany each craft

Access to private members page/community

Access to technique videos

Unbiased guidance on where to purchase equipment

Daisy's Craft Membership Welcome Pack

Daisy's Craft Members Club

Daisy's Craft Members Club


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